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3/28/2023 - 5:00 PM  
Policy Governance  
Proposed Policy Regarding Charter School Waivers of District Policy (10-Minute Presentation | 30-Minute Q&A)  
End Statements:
Attachment #1: LBD-R-3 Charter School Waivers of District Policy
Attachment #2: LBD-R-3-E -- Policy Designation Chart
Attachment #3: 3.28.23 BOE Presentation Waiver Process
Attachment #4: Waivers - Types of Waivers to DCSD Policies (No Public)
File Attachment:
LBD-R-3 Charter School Waivers of District Policy.pdf
LBD-R-3-E -- Policy Designation Chart.pdf
3.28.23 BOE Presentation Waiver Process.pdf
Summary :
Colorado’s Charter Schools Act permits charter schools to operate free from specified state statutes and rules and from specified school district policies. The District’s Choice Programming Office has been working with DCSD charter schools to develop a systemized approach allowing for and addressing waiver requests of DCSD policies. Proposed Board File Policy LBD-R-3 and its Exhibit outline the types of waivers made available to DCSD Charter Schools and the procedures for requesting them.  
Staff recommends that the Board consider and approve Board File Policy LBD-R-3 entitled “Charter School Waivers of District Policy” and its Exhibit LBD-R-3-E entitled “Designation of District Policies for Charter School Waiver Requests” after two readings by the District’s Board.  
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Gordon Mosher - Director Choice Programming
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Mary Kay Klimesh - General Counsel
Signed By:  
Erin Kane - Superintendent
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