Public Agenda
TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 4/6/2021 TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: DCSD Admin Building - Board Room 3rd Floor, 620 Wilcox St., Castle Rock 80104
DETAILS: Apr 2021-1
Consistent with Public Health Orders, members of the District’s Board of Education, Superintendent, and designated support staff will attend and participate at this meeting either by attending at the boardroom or through electronic participation. Any individual who signs up for public comment will join via electronic participation. In order to maintain open meetings and full transparency the Board invites community members to view this meeting via livestream at the following YouTube link:
5:00 PM Study, Dialogue and Dinner Session
1. Study, Dialogue and Dinner Session Info
2. Convene in Executive Session (a closed session) Action
6:00 PM Call to Order and Roll Call
3. Roll Call Info
6:02 PM Pledge of Allegiance
4. Pledge of Allegiance Info
6:05 PM Student and Staff Recognitions
5. Student and Staff Recognitions Info
6:20 PM Acceptance of Agenda
6. Acceptance of Agenda Action
6:22 PM Student Comment
7. Student Comment Info
6:37 PM Superintendent Reports
8. COVID Silver Linings Info
9. PK-12 Spring Ceremonies & Activities Info
10. Extended/Unfinished Learning Info
11. 21-22SY School Planning & Remote Learning Info
7:37 PM Study/Work Session
12. School Capacity and Boundary Analysis Outreach and Recommendation for Urgent Scenarios for Franktown Elementary School and Prairie Crossing Elementary School (15-minute presentation/15-minute Q&A) Info
13. Board Goal V: Financial Well-Being: Budget Update Revenue Estimates and Board Priorities Info
8:30 PM Public Comment
14. Public Comment Info
9:00 PM Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
15. Adoption of Consent Agenda: Staff Recommendations, Detailed in Agenda Items #16-21 Organized for Board of Education Block Approval Action
16. Approval of District Accountability Committee Unified Improvement Plan Recommendations Action
17. Approval of Mill Bond Oversight Ad Hoc Committee Membership Recommendation Action
18. Approval of Construction Agreement for Base Camp Renovation at Stone Canyon Outdoor EdVentures Action
19. Approval of Change Order to Guaranteed Maximum Price Agreement for Highlands Ranch High School Capital Improvement Project Action
20. Approval of Hope Online Learning Academy Charter School Contract Action
21. Approval of Personnel Changes Action
9:03 PM Study/Action Items
22. Approval of School Capacity and Boundary Analysis Recommendations for Urgent Scenarios for Franktown Elementary School and Prairie Crossing Elementary School Info/Action
23. Approval of Letter of Intent to Purchase 10035 South Peoria Street, Lone Tree, Colorado Info/Action
10:03 PM Study/Policy Revision
24. Board File JKD/JKE Suspension/Expulsion of Students (and Other Disciplinary Interventions) Action
10:18 PM Adoption of Joint Motion Agenda Action
25. Approval of Board of Education Unofficial Minutes Action
10:23 PM Board of Education Reports
26. President Report: Superintendent Search Update Info
27. Vice President Items Info
28. Director Items, Board Committee and Liaison Reports Info
10:38 PM Adjournment
29. Adjournment Action
The next meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for April 20, 2021.